Determined, Indecisive, Stuck? The Mindset of Entrepreneurship
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Monday, June 19, 2017
By Pat B. Freeman
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Thinking about starting your own business?

Can you list the reasons why you should have a business? Does any of these sound like you?


  1. I’m tired of working for someone else.
  2. My friend Sally started her own business. If she can do it, I know I can.
  3. I’m practically running the company I work for. I might as well start my own business.
  4. They don’t pay me what I’m worth. I need to decide my own pay.
  5. I have a great idea. I know I can be successful if I had the time and money to get started.
  6. I’ll quit my job next year.
  7. I’ve got 5 more years before retirement. I’ll start my business then.
  8. I never have time for anything because I’m always at work.


“In every success story, you will find someone who has made a courageous decision.”

– Peter F. Drucker


The list can go on and on.  Try this exercise to help determine your mindset.


Create an exhaustive list of all the reasons WHY you want to start a business, WHY you shouldn’t start a business, and why you haven’t started a business.


List 1: Reasons I must start a business

List 2: Reasons I shouldn’t start a business

List 3: Reasons I can’t start a business    


Review each list.  Now, look closely at list 3. Decide which are facts and which are excuses. Once you are clear about which are excuses, you can acknowledge the excuses for what they are and mark them off the list. The next step is to compare list 3 with column one. The big decision is up to you. You'll have to decide if your list 3 is more important than your list 1. When your list 1 becomes a priority over lists 2 and 3, you will be ready to start the journey toward building your dream as an entrepreneur.


Many people dream of working for themselves, being their own boss, and having the freedom to only take on clients and projects they love.


Every business owner starts out by making a choice. Successful business owners choose column 1 time and time again. They have no doubt about what’s more important, even when they fail, they chose column 1 until they create success.


Mindset 1: Determined and Confident

Mindset 2: Indecisive and Doubtful

Mindset 3: Stuck or Fearful


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Pat B. Freeman, Empowerment Coach & Vision-Building Expert


Pat B. Freeman

Empowerment Coach & Vision-Building Expert

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