It’s ALL a Setup: God sets you up…to lift you up!

Did you know you're being set up? Did you know your setup is inspired by you? Yes, it's ALL a setup: God sets you up to lift you up.

Here's an example of one of my setups. 

On April 10, 2014, I sat next to a gentleman at a book publishing seminar. When I spotted the seat where I wanted to sit, initially I hesitated because there were other empty seats in the room. But, since I prefer to sit near the front of a room, it was the perfect spot. I thought, “Maybe I should sit next to the lady at the table behind him instead?” But something inside my subconscious tugged at me to sit in the chair next to him. I figured there was a reason why I was drawn to that particular seat. So, without further consideration, I sat.

He takes control

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
— Author Unknown

I greeted him with a hello and introduced myself.  He, in return, did the same. I asked if he were there to write a book. He replied, "No." He asked me the same question. I said, "Yes." He asked what my book was about. I paused for a second. Then, looking him squarely in the eye, I told him the title: "It's all a setup! God sets you up -- to lift you up.” He then told me of a time when he spoke to a church congregation and said to them, "God's going to take control of your life whether you want to or not." When I heard that, I knew exactly why I needed to sit there. His response spurred on a captivating conversation. 

Aligned for the setup

Live life on purpose. Know where you're going.  (MS Clip Art)

Live life on purpose. Know where you're going.  (MS Clip Art)

Listening to my inner tug positioned me for the setup. My obedience also opened me to receive what was intended to be accomplished during that brief encounter. I learned that he, Mike, is a Field Representative for a U.S. Senator. 

If I hadn't sat there, I'm certain we would never have met. I would not have had the pleasure of hearing the message he told the congregation. I learned about the character and values of a stranger who serves in the field representing our country. Mike also gave me his business card. If I hadn't sat there, I could not share this story. 

Mike Fenley, thanks for aiding in fulfilling God’s purpose to share this story in my blog, and in my forthcoming book. I'm so glad I followed the tug and sat in the seat that was meant for me.

Can you recognize your inner tug -- your setup? Do you know why it matters?

Get tuned in to who you are and why you're here.

Louise Hay, Founder of Hay House, describes what I call my inner tug as our "inner ding." 

The law of attraction:  Abraham Hicks ~ The Universe Always Provides Signs , Pay Attention

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