The Entrepreneur Mindset: Matching Problems with Solutions
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Monday, July 17, 2017
By Pat B. Freeman
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The Spirit and Mindset of an Entrepreneur  

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset? Some people are born with it.  Many acquire it through experience and exposure. Others wish for it.  Some are unsure whether they have it or not. 


Are you an idea person?

Is your mind racing with ideas? When you see a problem, is it common for you to begin visualizing a solution? Are you driven by what can be done, even when others say it can't be done? Are you passionate, purposeful, and persistent in your actions? 


In my last blog, I wrote about the habits of a successful entrepreneur. Now, and over the next several publications, I will provide deeper insights into the character and mindset that leads to entrepreneurial success. Problem-solving is one in the series of posts.

Problem-solving can be instinctive.

Successful entrepreneurs have to be good listeners, observers, and critical thinkers.


Why? It is because they listen for understanding. This "solution-driven mindset" becomes instinctive. 

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

– Albert Einstein

Here's an example of what I mean by instinctive:

My son said to me the other day, "Mom, when I tell you about a problem, you always think there is a solution." However, in this particular situation, he didn’t want a solution. He just wanted to vent. I decided to drop what I was doing and give my undivided attention to hear this 23-year-old out. I heard the what and why of his situation, but I had to resolve myself to turning off any notion of giving him any viable input toward a solution. So, I listened only for the purpose of being his sounding board. For now, I concluded, that was the solution he needed. I knew he would recognize his next best step whenever he was ready to acknowledge it and move forward. This situation reminded of other experiences with people who were faced with problems, asking for help, but not really seeking a solution to their problem; they are fine just where they are -- at least for the moment.  They remain there because it provides them refuge and an excuse. They're not ready for a change. But when they are, they know where to find it. 


We, entrepreneurs, are problem solvers who meet needs when people are seeking or ready for a solution. Some people say entrepreneurs are born; others say it can be learned. I say it's both. If you have a mindset to create or find solutions, entrepreneurship may be on your horizon.


Here's a great article: Don't Just Start a Business, Solve a Problem

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Pat B. Freeman, Empowerment Coach & Vision-Building Expert


Pat B. Freeman

Empowerment Coach & Vision-Building Expert


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