Become a Confident & Engaging Speaker

A 5-Week Coaching Program

The 1st Step to Becoming an All-Star Speaker on Stage!

This coaching program is custom-designed for Professional and Entrepreneurial-minded women who:

  • Want to overcome nervousness and fear of speaking publicly
  • Need the competitive edge in your business or wish to rise to senior leadership in your career
  • Desire to improve your communication skills to deliver effective and impactful presentation that influence and persuade

The Promise

  • You will know your fear triggers, how to disarm them, and transform fear into confidence
  • You will know how to connect and engage your audience with ease
  • You will know your personality type and how this awareness can be beneficial on stage
  • You will communicate more effectively in tonality, verbally, and in body language
  • You will be equipped to be a fearless speaker who is ready to take your skills to the next level

3 Steps to Becoming a Confident & Engaging Speaker on Stage

Week 1

Step 1: Disarm Stage Fright – Turn Discomfort into Momentum

  • Identify and Define the Problem & Fear Factors
  • Overcoming the Pain of Fear – Change How You Think About It
  • The Power of Decision and Determination – Easing the Fear

Week 2

Step 2: Gain the Fear Fighting & Confidence Boosting Advantage

  • Put FAITH (Confidence) Over Fear
  • The Fear Formula – Putting Fear in its Rightful Place
  • Understanding How Personality Type Factors into the Equation and How to Use it to Your Advantage

Weeks 3-5

Step 3: Connect with Your Audience

  • Identify and Define the Problem
  • What do Other Experts Have to Say?
  • How to Detect if You are Losing Your Audience or Boring Them to Tears
  • Employ the 3Cs of Communication and Engage Your Audience
  • What are You Communicating in Body Language, Tonality, and Verbally
  • Make a Lasting Impression (so Practice, Practice, Practice)

5 Live Coaching Calls - 90 Minutes

  • Weekly Worksheets & Assignments
  • Video Lessons
  • Personality Assessments and Reports

Extra Support Available:

  • Priority e-mail access for quick questions and support between sessions
  • Recordings of all Calls (should anyone miss a session or wish to listen again)
  • Private Facebook Group (for support and guidance)


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