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EMPOWER 7000 Radio - Featured Guests

Are you a female business owner or aspiring entrepreneur? Have a story of inspiration? Want to be a guest to promote your business, organization, or event? Contact me at Empower 7000 Radio was inspired by my book, Quotes to Inspire & Empower Women and Girls. Written in 7-days! Available on 50% of book proceeds are earmarked to support entrepreneurship and career growth of women, girls, and youth. Grab a copy today!  Tune in to Empower 7000 Radio, Wednesdays at 8:00pm on Scroll and click Listen Live.


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Cynthia Barnes - Phipps: Reverend, Assistant Director of Renovations at local university


Kathy Phuong Luu: Owner, Spa Logic


Imani Harris: NC A&T student and entrepreneur, Pish Posh clothing line