The 4Ps to All-Star Entrepreneurship



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Turn your Passion into a Profitable Business


Weekly Action Planning

Week 1 (P1):  Every Business Starts with an Idea. But Let’s Get Clear First.

Week 2 (P2):  Get Prepared with Structure. You’ve Got to Have It.

Week 3 (P3):  Having a Plan is Purposeful. Time to Build it.

Week 4 (P4):  Get ready to Execute and Turn Your Passion into Profits!                                             


It’s affordable.

It provides content you can begin implementing in 4-weeks.

$49 per session

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When: It all starts Thursday, July 13th at 6:00-8:00 pm (each Thursday through August 3rd)

Where: Greensboro, NC (location included upon registration)


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