Quotes to Inspire & Empower Women and Girls

Book of Quotes to Inspire & Empower Women and Girls
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Book of Quotes to Inspire & Empower Women and Girls
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Quotes to Inspire & Empower Women and Girls


Creating a Mindset for Success

Who writes a book in 7 days? Pat B. Freeman did! Written and published as a 7-Day Challenge by the author, this book of inspirational quotes embodies principles of success that are Purpose Driven, Passion Powered, and Prosperity Bound. This book is a quick read that's packed with power.

Enjoy quotes by Pat and 39 other women and men as they share their mantras of inspiration and empowerment. Read and Grow!

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EMPOWER 7000 Women & Girls by July 2017. See below.

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Speaking & Book Tour Campaign

MISSION & PURPOSE: We're on a MISSION with a PURPOSE to Inspire and Empower 7000 Women and Girls by July 2017. This book, along with the workbook, will be used as a tool of inspiration for women, girls, and others who aspire to walk in their greatness. The objective is to speak to groups across the country to share foundational principles that create a mindset for success and workshops that turn inspiration into action. For every book sold, we're able to move closer to achieving the Empower 7000 goal. PURPOSE: The purpose is not just to Inspire, but to Empower. Thus, for every book purchased, 50% of the proceeds will be placed in an Angel Fund to provide seed money that supports Entrepreneurship, Career Development, and the Personal Growth of women, girls, and youth. See the Empower 7000 flyer below to learn how you can help achieve this goal. Feel free to contact me for more information: pat@patbfreeman.com

Help Empower 7000 Women & Girls -- and Others by 2017. 

This book is filled with powerful, life-changing messages. Women and girls will be inspired and empowered to walk in your greatness as you read quotes from me and 39 successful women and men who responded to the call to share their personal mantras for success. 


1. Here's How You Can Help:

Buy the Book.

Sell & Promote the book.

Host a Workshop. 

Invite me to Speak... 

Have me on Radio, TV, Newspaper.

Become a Sponsor.

How you are leveraged: Join in the effort and be recognized as an "Empower 7000 Builder." You can also submit a quote to be featured in the 2017 edition of the next book, and much more. Every purchase will help in the campaign to inspire women, girls, and others to follow their passion, build their dreams, and thrive!

2. If you're a business, become an "Empower 7000 Speaking Tour" Sponsor.

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Recent Reception Video: When you help, you are sowing seeds today that will produce a bountiful harvest for the growth of the 7000 (and countless others) tomorrow. Together we become a network of resources and dream builders. View in full and be inspired.

IE Training & Coaching Professionals.      JOIN THE TEAM!

IE Training & Coaching Professionals.      JOIN THE TEAM!

3. The WORKBOOK, Workshops, and Trainers Available! 

There is also a WORKBOOK (available soon for purchase). Experience how the training team and I will move inspiration into action, and theory into application. The Workbook complements the book of quotes as an added tool of empowerment. You can use the book(s) as a training activity. Or I'm happy to come out and conduct a workshop or schedule one of my Inspire & Empower Training Professionals to present a workshop for your group or organization. The presentations are designed to Create a Mindset for Success that is: 

  • Purpose Driven
  • Passion Powered
  • Prosperity Bound

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