Determined, Indecisive, Stuck? The Mindset of Entrepreneurship

Thinking about starting your own business?

How many reasons can you list for why you think you should have a business? Does any of these sound like you?

  1. I’m tired of working for someone else.
  2. My friend Sally started her own business. If she can do it, I know I can.
  3. I’m practically running the company I work for. I might as well start my own business.
  4. They don’t pay me what I’m worth. I need to decide my own pay.
  5. I have a great idea. I know I can be successful if I had the time and money to get started.
  6. I’ll quit my job next.
  7. I’ve got 5 more years before retirement. I’ll start my business for sure then.
  8. I never have time for anything because I’m always at work.
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Distraction or Attraction? Make It Work for You!

Are you in danger of being in an "attractively distractive" relationship when it comes to achieving your goals?

Can distractions and attractions work together to help you achieve your goals?

Lately, I've been thinking about distractions versus attractions. So, I decided to blog about it. Have you ever thought that maybe your distractions might very well be attractions? For example: 

  • Are you distracted by your dream to become an entrepreneur?
  • Are you distracted by your need to get that long-awaited promotion?
  • Are you distracted by the thought of someday writing a book?
  • Do you get distracted by your aspirations to earn a certain income to be able to live the lifestyle you feel you deserve?
  • Are you distracted by the thought of what you want to do with your life?
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