Walk in Your Greatness at Work and in Your Business

Are you walking in your greatness at your job or business?

What do your customers, employees, or employer say about your product, service, or work performance?

When you’re passionate about your job, find it fulfilling, or are earning lots of money, that’s a great feeling. And it will likely cause your response to the first question to be, Yes, I am walking in my greatness. But walking in your greatness doesn’t mean when everything is going well. Walking in your greatness compels you to seek to do even better – in good times and lean times. If you consider your performance at work to be good, rather than great, then that’s an indicator that you have room for improvement. Try walking in your greatness no matter what the work situation.

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There is greatness in you!

Do you ever say, “I feel GREAT today?” Do you claim to be great? Do you know what greatness looks like? Do you know how greatness feels? Do you know what causes greatness?

You’re in the presence of greatness right now. If you haven't figured it out yet, take a moment to look in the mirror at that person looking back at you. There is greatness in YOU – and you have every right to claim it because that is who you are. If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to declare it and walk in your greatness daily. But first, you've got to be willing to dream and determined to get it! You’ve got one chance at life. How do you choose to live it?

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