5 Reasons Public Speaking is Vital to the Career Success of Professional Women
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Tuesday, January 05, 2016
By Pat B. Freeman
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Public speaking is an essential skill to have in this competitive world of work. And, it is not for the faint at heart. Speaking is a tool that we all possess, but not everyone knows how to use it effectively. Individuals and companies spend lots of money each year for personal development to improve this skill for executives and other professionals. Here are five reasons effective public speaking is critical to your career success. It can:


1.    Showcase your knowledge


Being able to clearly and confidently articulate your thoughts is one of the best ways to showcase your knowledge. Public speaking elevates you as an expert in your field.


2.    Increase your knowledge


When you take the time to research your subject, you can gain extra knowledge for your speech. One of the keys to a successful presentation is to know your subject. Not only will it result in a successful speech, but you will be better able to deliver an impactful and meaningful message to your audience.

3.    Boost your confidence


Public speaking teaches you how to be an effective and confident communicator with a large or small group,  as well as in one on one conversations. As a result, it becomes a confidence booster. It also helps raise your status in the workplace. People are attracted to confident people, especially when it's not seen as being flashy or arrogant.

“If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.”

— Brian Tracy

4.    Distinguish you from the crowd


Not everyone is an excellent public speaker. This skill will help distinguish you from the crowd and can open doors that will accelerate your career. People who have influence like having others in their circle of influence who can be a positive influence to others.


5.    Drive change and build influence and credibility


It is a known fact that individuals who speak well have a greater ability to influence change than those who don't. Think how many more people you can reach if you have them all gathered at once for a public presentation. Effective public speaking can be the game-changer you need to drive change or to improve your standing both personally and professionally.


Gain the competitive edge in your industry with this leadership empowerment skill. It can help you and every professional woman achieve your big dreams.

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