Countdown to Lift Off in 2015! A New Book and a Speaking Engagement
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Monday, January 19, 2015
By Pat B. Freeman
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I published my first book (“God Sets You Up Manifesto,”an e-book), released December 28, 2014 – within a few days before the New Year. What an awesome feeling it was to meet the challenge and see myself out there with other authors on It was surreal and invigorating. I had such an adrenalin rush, I had to sit down and take a break from the thought of it all. I knew if I could do it, then I could be an inspiration to others.   


2 Days and counting before the New Year


One day following the release of my new book I was offered my first speaking engagement for 2015: "Following Your Dream." What a way to usher in the new year, to be a new author and have the first event titled "Following Your Dream." The event is January 19th on Martin Luther King Holiday. It’s a very special time because we all know that Dr. King had a dream, too. He had a dream that impacted the whole world. And we (you and I) are the product of that dream. African Americans, and this nation, are privileged to do things today that were once only a dream. That’s why it is so important to dream. It’s important because dreams are a vision of something hoped for. And they really can come true...

90 Days to Fly – 1 Year to Soar


2015 is the year to put on your wings and fly. We can all prepare ourselves to take flight. Helping women, parents, and others to follow their dreams is my way to fly this year. My mantra is always to be Passion-Powered and Purpose-Driven. You must follow your dreams and find ways to begin living the dream (your dream) every day.

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