How to Create a Pattern of Success in 8 Key Steps

Once you experience success, you will be able to look back and realize that you achieve all success pretty much the same way. You set a goal, follow through on the tasks needed for achieving results, keep an open mind, learn from others, track your successes, and learn from failure. It’s duplicatable. And it works.

If you want to create a pattern of success in your life, you can start now by implementing proven practices and learning the secrets that successful people know. Successful people are only special because they are doers and follow through. They are not smarter than others; in fact, it is entirely possible you are smarter on paper than they are. You just don’t follow through.

1.       Become a Goal Setting Expert

“If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.”
— Elon Musk

Start at the top and learn how to craft the best goals for yourself. Know that the goal is something that can be accomplished and measurable. Most of all, make sure it’s a goal that you really want to achieve, and, if possible, will enjoy.

2.       Schedule Everything

People who achieve are doers. If you want to get something done, schedule it. If you put it on a schedule for a particular time, and not just on a generic “to do” list, it will be more likely that you get it done.

For instance, if you have set a goal to write an 80,000-word novel by a certain date, then you should know how many pages you need to get done each week and which days you can work on it, which times, hours, and how long it takes you to write a page. Successful writers write; they don’t wait for inspiration to strike. They schedule it and do it. The same principles can be applied to anything you want to achieve. Want to start your own business? You don’t wait until you want to do it; you do it on schedule.

3.       Automate the Mundane

There are a lot of things that need to be done but can easily escalate into “busy work,” which doesn’t get you closer to a goal. Bookkeeping, for instance, is something that can be accomplished today, with the right software, almost automatically. You can schedule payments to happen automatically; you can also use software that enters everything for you in the ledger. Freeing up the time to focus on your scheduled activities that must be done to achieve the goal is a more productive use of time.

4.       Use Outside Expert Help

To be a success doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. You’re not on your own. The best scientists, professors, doctors, lawyers, business owners, and CEOs have assistants who help them look great. You, too, can hire outside help and contractors to help you do the tasks needed to reach your goals. Other than doing exercise for you, something you must do physically for yourself, there isn’t much you can’t outsource today.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
— Mae West

5.       Stop Reinventing the Wheel

In most cases, someone has already done it before you. Someone has already worked out the kinks and devised a plan of action that will work for you too with hardly any tweaks. Learn from other people’s mistakes and realize that you can gain valuable information from what others are already doing.

6.       Never Stop Learning – Become an Expert in 10,000 Hours

They say it takes ten thousand hours of reading about a topic to become an expert on any subject. Keep this in mind as you look toward your future and set your goals. If you want to be an expert, you’ll need to start today building up those ten thousand hours. Even if you know nothing about a topic today, you can be an expert in just ten thousand hours.

7.       Know Your Core Values

As you set goals to create a pattern of success, it's imperative that you know what your core values are regarding family, personal, financial and your physical life. Everyone has different areas they need to work on more than others - you need to know what your areas are to set realistic goals that you want to meet.

8.       Track, Assess, Repeat

You must create a pattern of success. Only by setting goals, then tracking and assessing the results of the goals, and then repeating what works will you create a pattern of success. Creating a pattern of success requires knowledge of goal setting, and goal achieving, and an in-depth knowledge of yourself. Starting today, you can gain that knowledge and create a real pattern of success in your life.

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~ Pat B. Freeman, Empowerment Coach & Vision-Building Expert ~

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